Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You Can "Squidoo" Too!

So, you ask...What is Squidoo anyway?

Think of it like this. Look closely at the magnifying glass pictured above. When you look through the lens of the magnifying glass, everything you see within the lens is bigger, sharper, and more defined. This is exactly how it is with my Squidoo Lenses... they are about very defined topics and those topics are explored in full detail.

My SQUIDOO lenses:

Will there be more in the future? Most assuredly! Will there be updates? Absolutely!

1. Drawing Techniques: using carbon, charcoal, and graphite

This lens explains what makes these pencils different from each other and how to use each. You will also find a list of the drawing tools I use, and drawing tutorials.

You Can Squidoo Too...Squidoo is a website hosting hundreds of thousands of "lenses", or pages. Your lens is your take or opinion on any subject you like. You are the authority. The lens is easy to build and it's free...yes, I said FREE! You can link back to your website. If you have a blog, Squidoo will even grab your latest postings and display them on your lens. If you are an artist or in business do a squidoo search, see what others are doing. If you simply have an opinion and enjoying can do that too. You can even make a little income while doing it. Check this link to learn more.

The possibilities are endless. You will see why I say there is more to come.

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