Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Literary Contest...3rd

2008 Third Place Winner:
Matthew Merreighn

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Matthew is a Junior at Lincoln Community High School in Lincoln Illinois and is a member of the Creative Writing Club. He enjoys writing, solving puzzles, reading, TV, and video games. Matthew will graduate high school next year and is still unsure about plans for college.

Matthew chose "Midnight Rose" as his subject...because he likes roses. To quote Matthew, "Midnight Rose was my favorite of your drawings. People usually like roses for their color, and seeing a gray one was unusual, I found this interesting,"

Congratulations Matthew...Marsha Robinett
This is Matthew's descriptive essay...enjoy

...The Gray Rose...
A gray rose is abnormal. To most eyes the gray rose lack beauty. The Gray Rose lacks the love of the Red Rose, the grace of the Pink Rose, the innocence of the White Rose, the passion of the Orange Rose, and the Mystery of the Blue Rose. But all Roses have green stems. Without petals all roses are the same. Even So, The Gray Rose is cast aside, for a more favorable, common color. But to a rare few, the Gray Rose is most desired. Not for it's beauty, but for it's uniqueness. It's gray petals do not wilt like other roses. The other roses will lose their petals, and lose their beauty. But the Grey Rose will be immortalized for it's uncommon color. As time progresses, people will realize the greatness of the Gray Rose, and in doing so the Gray Rose will become most desired. But only those who first recognized it's significance will have a Gray Rose of their own.

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