Friday, July 20, 2007

2007 Literary Contest...1st

2007 First Place Winner: Amanda Podbelsek

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Amanda Likes to read and is active in tennis, basketball, and softball. She is also a member of Math Club and The National Honor Society. Amanda plans to attend college after graduation and major in civil engineering with a minor in math.

Amanda chose "The Fork and Spoon Club" as her subject...which is one of my personal favorites. To quote Amanda, "My attention was first drawn to the two stubborn forks; they are the only pieces of silverware lying the opposite direction. As a high school student, the forks speak to me as a symbol of individuality."

Congratulations Amanda...Marsha Robinett
This is Amanda's essay...enjoy!

...The Fork and Spoon Club...
"The Fork and Spoon Club" by Marsha Robinett, is a particularly eye-catching work. The artist's use of lighting, depth, and lines makes the work unique and shows how the artist captures the details and beauty in ordinary objects. Also, the contrasting lines formed by the two forks in the center make an appealing contrast to the diagonal lines made by the rest of the silverware in the drawer. My attention was first drawn to the two stubborn forks; they are the only pieces of silverware lying the opposite direction. As a high school student, the two forks speak to me as a symbol of individuality.

Students in high school have certain priorities: to have the right hair-do, to wear the name brand clothing, to follow in their sibling's flawless footsteps, and to have a date for prom. However, the main priority for most high school students is to feel accepted. One can accomplish this by being "cool", or hanging out with the popular people. Everyone goes along with one concept, one template: to be "cool" and do what is "cool". People become so committed to meeting their peer's standards and going with the flow, that they fail to even stop and question whether the decisions they are making are right. By doing what everyone else is doing, they forget to be self-reliant individuals. They no longer expresses who they really are, and in doing so do not express their individuality. Students should stop and reflect on whether they should make certain decisions just because "everyone else is doing it." By saying no to peer pressure and standing firm in one's true beliefs, one can feel proud and strong, and can say that he is a true individual.

From "The Fork and Spoon Club", one can be reminded that, "What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right." Stand up for yourself. Be self-reliant, even if it means being different. Remember that by caving in to peer pressure you are surrendering your individuality. And, most importantly, be true to yourself because, in the end, that is all that really matters.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

2007 Literary Contest...2nd

Second Place Winner:
Michelle Koester

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Michelle is a 16 year old sophomore. She is involved in the Creative Writing Club and enjoys expressing herself through her poetry. Michelle wrote her poem using the drawing "Cracked on black" (pictured here) as her subject. for me, the artist, this drawing was all about shadows and reflections...for Michelle it was about "life" and just how fragile it can be.

Congratulations Michelle...Marsha Robinett
This is Michelle's poem...enjoy!

...Cracked on Black...
I am completely broken
There's no saving me now
If mom saw me like this
She would probably have a cow
Pestering me constantly
She'd keep on asking how
How did I end up this way
Seems like you were fine just yesterday

And look at you now

My surroundings remind me
Of my fragile past
And the way I've let myself go
I don't know how long I can last

I guess that you could say
The way I was living wasn't smart
Before I couldn't see the damage I was doing
But now I see that I let my world fall apart

I'm begging for your help
Please come and save me
Because without anyone to hold me together
I've become quite lazy

I thought that doing what I wanted
Would come at a small cost
But now my dreams of ever becoming something
Are the dreams that I have lost.

With your help though
I could get them back
Keep moving forward without strife
Make sure I'm staying on the right track
Soaking in serenity now that would be the life.

I'm ready to be better
Eagerly awaiting a day without stress
Thank you so much for helping me out
In finding total happiness and success.

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