Monday, June 22, 2009

Mother's Pearls

Mother's Pearls
Watercolor on paper 7x7

What a challenge...I actually threw away the first attempt at this painting. Second time around I got a little smarter by doing a few small practice paintings of the pearls and and the background before getting into the 'real' painting. Even at that, this was a real struggle.

The photo colors aren't real accurate and the highlights on the pearls are more subdued. I did a wash on them when I was done and scrubbed the edges to soften. The camera just wouldn't pick up these subtle changes.

My framer is doing her summer window in a beach theme this year...this painting will be part of the display. I hope to get a couple more done but time is getting short.

She has been a real blessing...framing and displaying my work (not charging me until it sells). All my other water colors have sold this spring except two. How good is that?

Anyway, here's my for critique.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Following the Doctor's Orders...

...Old Fashioned Iris...
I did this drawing a couple of years ago
and posted it here today because it
always makes me feel good.
The starts for this little iris were
a gift from
my grandmother when we first got a place of our own.

It went with me each time I moved.

Well guys...It's been almost a month since I've sat down to write on my blog. The bout I had with the shingles took much more out of me than I thought and I stepped up to my regular schedule way too soon.

I'm not one to be sick or let a little pain keep me from 'life'. Therefore, once the major symptoms were past (fever, nausea, severe headache), I forged ahead...resuming my regular day to day schedule, pushing through the fatigue I felt.

This return to work took much more out of me than I expected and when I complained of lack of energy and stamina along with the continued sporadic nerve ending pain...I was told plain and simple by my Doctor to (slow down and rest more to give my body time to heal)!

I've always had tremendous energy and stamina to push forward through any obstacle to get things done....this experience really through me for a loop! For someone who has always been early to rise and late to bed...burning the candle at both ends, this was a most difficult prescription to follow.

I had to rethink my daily life. Do the things that absolutely NEEDED to be done and let the other things slid. I continued to work my salon schedule (although cut back a bit on the hours) and worked my tech. support job in the evenings...after all the bills did need to be paid!

Backing off from the house work was easy...I hated it anyway and could always find something else more important to do like write in my blog or draw! But I followed my Doctors instructions, putting my creative life on hold to allow for the down time to let my body heal.

You're going to laugh but I actually covered my drawing board with a huge bath I couldn't see it. I put my paints in the closet and shut the computer off except for work hours.

Well OK...I will confess, I did do some reading on the computer...but no blogging! And, I also did a few quick sketches as I sat in my chair watching TV...that was a change for me, I never watch TV (still not sure I get the attraction).

I usually draw or paint in the early afternoon and on the weekends, but instead actually took a nap or read a book. Yes, the Doctor put a bit of fear in me when he said that if I didn't slow down I may never get over this. I think he said something like "Your body is telling you it needs rest and you need to listen."

I'm not sure I'm up to par quite yet...but do believe at this writing, I'm most definitely getting there. My energy level is returning and plan on getting my paint brushes out tomorrow.

It's awful...I feel like if I don't do something creative I'm going to 'burst'.

Any way...I thought I would sit down and let you know that I had not dropped of the face of the earth and that I hope to be posting a new painting soon.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and encouraging emails. It's amazing the relationships you can build with people you have never seen or spoken to. You have been such a blessing.

It's just great to be back.

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