Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Art Marketing, Materials, and Equipment

Art Business and Marketing:
These websites and blogs are some of the more useful ones that I connect with on a regular basis. websites and blogs are some of the more useful ones that I connect with on a regular basis. The information gleaned from these sites has at times been invaluable... I hope you find them useful as well.

Ancient Artist...developing an art career after 50, very inspiring
Art Biz resources and motivation
Art a large collection of great articles
Art Print and business
Blogging for Artists..."Squidoo Lens" by makingamark
Blog Herald..."The NY Times of Blogging"...latest updates
Copy Blogger...copywriting tips for online marketing success
Empty Easel...realistic art advise for artists of all levels
FineArtStudioOnLine...easy artist websites with marketing help
FineArtViewsBlog...the Art Marketing blog of Clint Watson
FineArtViewsNewsletter...straight talk about art marketing
Lorelle on WordPress...great information about blogging
Making a Mark...I highly recommend this's full of info.
Painters Keys...on line gallery, newsletter, nice"art quote" section tips to help you make money
The Art contests, competitions, and juried art shows

Artist Materials and Equipment:
Living in a small town, most of my art materials are ordered online. The following are some of the resources that I have used in the past.
ASW or Art Supply Warehouse...artist supplies of all types
California Paper Goods...high quality blank paper goods
Cheap Joe's Art Stuff...fine art supplies, good selection and price
Daniel Smith...fine art oil, watercolor, acrylic paints, supports
Dick Blick Art Materials...full line of equipment and materials
Fine Art Store...offers fine art supplies and equipment
Frame Fit...quality discount frames
Clear Bags...acid free crystal clear bags and crystal clear boxes
Mister Art...fine art and craft supplies, books, videos,
Stiffy Bags...designed specifically to protect framed art in travel

Art Fair Display Needs:
Armstrong Products...display panels, display cubes, and desks
Flourish...indoor show frame, outdoor canopy, mesh display walls
Hand Trucks R Us...home of the "Rock'n Roller" convertible hand truck...another highly recommend item!

Hollywood Chairs...high quality director chair, padded of the best purchased that I ever made.
Totally Bamboo...Hollywood Chair accessories
Stiffy Bags...I highly recommend these and could not get along without them. They're, reusable, waterproof.

I have found these listings to be dependable and often use them personally.


sharonmenary said...

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to exploring some of the web pages and I never really understood what a "blog" was -

You have done a lot of work and I appreciate the time and effort.


I am setting up a studio for artist to be able to paint - are there any articles that might be pertinent?

Marsha Robinett said...

First of all thanks for the nice comments. This list exists because not long ago I also did'nt know what a "blog" was.

As for your question, I would just start at the top of the list and send them an email explaining what you are doing and ask what you need to know...Art Biz, is good and Ancient Artist also. The later is possibly your best bet for a quick answer.


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