Monday, December 24, 2007

Books about Drawing from My Library

Some of my Favorite Books on Drawing:

Because I am a self taught artist, I've attended a few workshops but books on drawing were my main source of learning, and I still refer to them yet today. Over the years I have managed to build quite a library. These are great references whether you are Just beginning to draw or have been drawing for years. When possible, I've included a link to BOOK REVIEWS or PREVIEWS.

Books by authors who's work I personally admire...
Drawing Line to Mike Sibley
Drawing Realistic Textures in J.D. Hillberry
Advanced Drawing Matti Kataja
Beautiful Diane Wright

Good basic drawing knowledge...

The Drawing Sarah Simblet
Pencil Magic, landscape Phil Metzger
Drawing Albany Wieseman
Keys to Bert Dodson
Keys to Drawing with Bert Dodson
The New Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain Betty Edwards

Drawing the portrait...
Painting and Drawing John Norton
Drawing Expressive Portraits...Paul Leveille
Life Drawing in Douglas R Graves

Drawing People, how to portray the clothed figure Barbara Bradley

More Advanced Books...
Learning to Draw, a Creative Robert Kaupelis
Experimental Robert Kaupelis

A collection of George B. Bridgman's Books...
Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life
Heads, Features, and Faces
The Book of a Hundred Hands
Drawing the Draped Figure

As I find new books that are worthy of a place on my list I will update this page
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