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2008 Literary Contest...1st

2008 First Place Winner: Kelsey Dallas
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Kelsey is a Senior at Lincoln Community High School, in Lincoln, Illinois and enjoys participating in soccer, tennis, and band...she is also a member of The National Honor Society, French Club, Fine Arts Club, and Scholastic Bowl. Kelsey is also active in her community as a member of the First Presbyterian Youth Group, LAMS, Community Orchestra, and the local staff of Dairy Queen. Kelsey was named the September Senior Student of the Month and was recently recognized as Scholar-Athlete of the Week by the Springfield State Journal Register. Kelsey hopes to someday be a writer after majoring in English at college.

Kelsey chose "Game, Set, Match" as her subject...because it related to her athletic life this fall. To quote Kelsey, "I was the number one player on the varsity tennis team and came just one set away from making it to state. By writing about this particular drawing I was able to heal emotionally after the heartbreaking loss. Tennis will always be beautiful to me no matter what my win\loss record is."

Congratulations Kelsey...Marsha Robinett
This is Kelsey's winning poem...enjoy

...Game, Set, Match...
She reveled in the almost,
too stubborn to be sad,
because she could cry while smiling,
and throughout the pain be glad.

Glad to have had the chance to hear
her Mom and Dad cheer loud
while all the while she was losing hope,
falling prey to an opposing crowd.

She wasn't one for giving up-
an achiever if ever one lived.
But just this once she couldn't go on,
her soul had no strength left to give.

The sets were played out, the winner declared,
as the night grew colder still.
She offered herself up to history
an opponent just short of the kill.

She perished the thought of losing,
not quite the word to fit the scene.
For everyone who watched that night
knew the true victor was clothed in green.

There is no prize for coming close
and no way to prevent forgetting,
but in the moment she was a star
and the praise would not soon be quitting.

Praise that was given not to the winner
but to the one whose season had ended.
Because she had fought harder than all expected;
her soul needed to be mended.

She heard her coach's praise
as her Mom began to cry,
but most of all she saw the pride
as her Dad looked her in the eyes.

"It was the season of a lifetime
and you most assuredly did your best.
You must never wish for something different
no more or no less."

She'll move on with her life and never regret
as she becomes the next big thing,
while the tennis balls will forever remain
at rest upon her strings.

There's a lesson to be learned from her
though in truth she didn't quite win,
because she walked away happy,
and will someday play tennis again.

The matches won't be for glory.
There'll be no title to gain.
She'll play only for the enjoyment
and move past all the pain.

Yes she always sill remember
that night upon the court,
when from winning that final match,
she fell just achingly short.

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