Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tutorials...moved to my FASO blog

Please visit my Studio Blog at the following link or to see my Drawing Tutorials:

Available Tutorials:
1. The Clubs
2. Portrait of a Young Boy
3. The Clubs
4. The explanation for "My Mysterious Carbon Farm"


PamYla said...

Wow this is an awesome tutorial! I want to try it myself. I purchased some Wolff's carbon pencils a couple of weeks ago, but they tend to drag on the paper which reminds me of charcoal pencils, any suggestions? Or is this the way they behave?

Marsha Robinett said...

I don't particularly notice any drag with carbon...with charcoal, yes. If you are accustomed to working with graphite...there isn't anything much smoother. Also, regardless of the degree of softness...carbon is BLACK. The only time I apply it directly to the paper with the pencil is in the darkest black shadow areas...everywhere else is applied using a blender, (stump, tissue, chamois, felt, ect). See "My Carbon Farm". This post shows how I make a "carbon patch" and go back into this to pick up product using blending tools.

Yes...chamois from the auto store works just has some ruff textured places that can be quite useful...the smoother areas are used when I want a smooth blend.

I cut it into about 5" squares...folding it down to a point or flat area..which ever I need and pick up the carbon from my "farm" and apply it that way. I also use a clean chamois to lighten areas...

I've had so many questions on this process that I will try to do a short tutorial...but have taxes and some last minuet art to finish first.

Hope this helps and thanks for the nice comments. I'm honored to have been an inspiration.

Arti said...

Great tutorial,marsha its been a great learning experience.I am still fighting with shadows, though.May be I dont get the right kind of paper here.

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