Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evelyn Margaret...commissioned portrait

...Evelyn Margaret...
Commissioned Portrait
Carbon and Graphite on Fine Art Paper

The Story Behind The Image: This is part of a commission I did sometime ago. Just thought I would share it with you. Evelyn, 14 at the time, is serene and at peace with her guitar, (which I cropped out). The photo references (seen below) were a revelation to her Grandmother. She realized that at nearly 15 Evelyn's confident and regal demeanor revealed a serious passion about her music. Grandma said that Evelyn was very smart and independent, yet had a playful side that she adored.

I used three reference photos for this portrait. Grandma and I felt the first one was the photo that best personified the attributes she saw in her granddaughter. I to felt the photo was perfect and the subject was beautiful...a true pleasure to draw. I've included all three photo references to better enable you to see the person I saw while working on this commission.

I wanted to make sure that the finished portrait portrayed the serene peaceful young woman that Grandma saw in that moment. As I look at Evelyn's portrait today, I believe you can see the confident passion in her eyes.

I book my commissions in the summer months... scheduling them for completion during the fall and winter. I'm so busy with shows during the summer that I have very little time to work on any drawing...not even for myself. By the time I'm finished in September with my shows, I am really suffering from withdraw! I look forward to my commissioned pieces and begin to plan my new works for the next year. My drawing table is "burning up" with activity.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the reference photos along with the finished portrait. I will try to post more like this in the future. You can follow the link below to "grandma's special present" to learn more about this commission and why it was so special.


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Grandma's Special Present

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Susan Carlin said...

This portrait is so sensitive and beautifully done. Thanks for showing your references, too!

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks Susan...this was a fun commission to do.

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