Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quincy, Ill...Midsummer Arts Faire

Quincy's Midsummer Arts Faire was without a doubt the best art fair I've ever had the privilege to be a part of. They treated their artists as royalty...there is just no other way to express it. Volunteers stopped by many, many times each day to see if we needed anything...and they meant anything! They wanted to know if everything was OK...did we need water, potty break, had we had something to eat...were our sales good that day? There were some threatening clouds and they were right there to see if we needed help getting our sides down and protecting our art. I've never felt so wanted and cared about at an art fair, and it was genuine!

Friday night there was a blues concert in the park that attracted hundreds of people. There was alcohol permitted and people brought little tables, their own wine or beer and horsdoeuvres. Many were walking through the art fair...listening to the music, sipping from their wine glass, and purchasing...I had great sales that night as well as the rest of the weekend.

There was musical entertainment the entire weekend in the bandstand, ranging from soft rock, classical piano, smooth jazz (my favorite), to some theatrical features. I've been to other art fairs where there is constant entertainment and it's annoying...I think the difference here was the high quality. People, again on Saturday and Sunday came for the entertainment...but they also came for the art. The people were interested us and appreciative of our work...and purchasing.

I had a perfect location...shade the entire day and was able to display on the outside walls of my tent. I was even able to put up my 54" side awnings...which I like to do if I have art work outside. They are block out awnings and keep the sun off my prints. I always keep all my originals inside, so if rain comes unexpectedly they are protected. (I have to say, I don't think there were many, if any, bad spots in the park. Everyone seemed to have shade at least part of each day.

I just can't say enough good about this art fair. If you do art fairs, Quincy is one you should consider. The entry fee is quite reasonable and as you can tell, the organizers and patrons are wonderful.

The only bad thing was the buffalo nats!! They have been just horrible everywhere this year. I've experienced them here at home when working in the yard...but never as concentrated as they were this weekend.

Quincy is by the river and there has been considerable flooding. There is nothing you can to deter these nats. Fogging and Deet do not work. A strong breeze helps and some say that vanilla will keep them off you...but it didn't work for me. My head is full of bites and all around my looks like I've had the chickenpox and scratched...and I did dig myself raw in places. This too will pass. The itching has subsided, just the "scabs" are left and a little swelling.

Nats and was the best art fair of the season thus far. I have this weekend at home, then show at Naperville, Illinois the following weekend (July12 and 13). If you're close, hope to see you.

That's it. I have lots of prints to replenish and need to get some new things to my framer. Isn't it wonderful when you have work to do because you've SOLD OUT of some things!! This is a "pleasant to do list"...the kind you look forward to.

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Quincy Midsummer Arts Faire

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Jeanette said...

Well done Marsha! Selling out of lovely!

It sounds like it was a well planned event that appreciated the time and talents of those taking part in it.

Its unfortunate about the flies - black flies here are the same - nasty little beasts that are unrelenting sometimes. My sympathies. I hope the sales made up for the discomfort.

Karen Hargett said...

Hey Marsha - sounds like you had a wonderful show. I'm so glad. Most of the shows I do really cater to the artists and it really makes a difference.

I'm glad you have a weekend to recuperate before going to another one - I really don't know how you do it one right after the other.

Deborah O'Sullivan said...

I wanted you to know that I am passing the Arte y Pico Award along to you for writing such an inspiring blog. Pop on over to my blog and scroll down to Arte y Pico Award. Great blog!


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