Monday, June 23, 2008

Danville Arts in the Park...First Place in Drawing and Graphics

The set up for this art fair is great. You can drive right up to your tent to unload and don't have to move your van until you are ready to leave which is perfect if weather is threatening...which it was the entire two days.

If you recall I said this was an odd layout for an art fair...tents are set-up in squares, leaving two open sides, one as the front and another to use as you wish. I chose to work out of the second side as I usually do with a back opening. I did hang my portrait examples there where I could easily talk to people about commissions...I booked one for sure and perhaps a second. There was no one next to me this year so I actually could have hung work on the back of the tent also but it was threatening rain and did so each day the back wall of my tent was down most of the time.

The second photo is of the children's area again...this is Ian Clemmons intensely working on his painting of flowers. It was windy and he had to work to hold his paper down. I always enjoy this area when art fair organizers offer it. I think it's a wonderful thing for children. For some this is their only introduction to art...who knows Ian may be a famous artist someday and just think, you were one of the first to see his work!

My tent was the last tent at the far end. I thought this would be a bad location but as it worked out I was located by the main parking for visitors so it worked out well. And I had lots of open space beside the tent under a shade tree to store my crates. In this first picture the sun was shining and it looked to be a nice day but shortly after it clouded up and we had a short thunderstorm.

There are lots of shade here so my booth can be a little dark inside even with the sides up and the and the translucent section in the roof top. But on a hot day, the shade trees really keep the temperature down. The one bad thing about all the trees is that if you notice in the photos all the shade makes for very little grass in places...which equals to MUD when it does rain very much!...and it has at times. When this happens they are good to put down straw which really helps.

The next sequence of photos are of the inside of my booth...thought you might like to see how my work looks when it's hanging. The larger "custom framed pieces" are Open and LE prints...while the narrow framed pieces with cream mats are all originals. I don't carry many originals as they don't seem to sell well at the art fairs I do...but my prints usually sell quite well, and I offer several sizes, both matted and unmated. The last photo is from the outside, showing my work and "sales" area...speaking of which were good this weekend.

(Notice the Blue Ribbon!)

Sales are always a "relative" subject...relative to what your expectations are! My attitude is this...If I stayed home I would make nothing, so if I see $$$ over and above my expenses...I HAVE MADE MONEY. If I break even...I simply chalk it up as "ADVERTISING"...and tell myself that hundreds of people saw and admired my art. Who knows, they could contact me in the future for a commissioned piece.

If I go in the hole...I strongly consider whether I will go back. I have returned to an art fair that previously had poor sales and done quite well...this weekend was a perfect example of just that. My sales weren't great this year, (as in over the top), but they were quite good...much better than I had expected and I sold some of everything that I carry (no originals). This always makes lugging and packing all those prints seem worthwhile and receiving and award that pays $$$ is just gravy!

Now for the BAD PART...As it turned out, about half way through the take down a thunder storm came through with hail...a considerable amount of hail. Thankfully all my art was in my van as was all the other stuff that could have been damaged by the water. My that's a very wet situation. We dried it off using the two supper absormant towels I purchased in the automotive department and carried around for three years...but it is still too wet to lay folded until next weekend...even in air conditioning. So that is my next project...unpacking the van. I have someone coming over to help me spread it out this afternoon. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT I WANT TO DO...the day after an art fair!! But I am thankful for small blessings...everything else is dry...I made money...and I am home safe and sound.

I go to Quincy, Illinois next weekend. This is my first time here so don't know what to expect. First time art fairs are always a little unnerving. I've heard good things about this one, so we'll see. They have had a lot of flooding around this will have to see. If you're in the area please stop by and see me.

This is it...have to go unpack the van, restock my crates, get ready for next weekend and lets see, what else?...oh yes, TAKE A NAP!!

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Marian Fortunati said...

Congratulations on your successful event AND special congratulations for your AWARD. I know the sales feed the body, but the awards help feed the soul!!
I'm glad your hard work has paid off!

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks for the well wishes Marian...other than taking down a very wet tent, the weekend was a good one. Profits weren't great but there was some...and the award was good for the soul.

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