Monday, June 9, 2008

Call, Raise, or Fold...carbon pencil

...Call, Raise, or Fold...
Carbon Pencil on paper...7x9, double matted,
prints available

The Story Behind The Image: This was a fun drawing to do. Getting the shadow and light the way I wanted on such a small subject was a challenge but the drawing itself was fairly straight forward. I will admit that the cards were a tad tedious! I drew an uneven line for the card edge and smudged it. I also applied carbon directly to the paper in the darkest areas for the poker chips and blended into the lighter areas using a stump. Call, Raise, or Fold has been quite popular as a print.

The drawing "Call, Raise, or Fold" is on cream toned fine art paper, presented in a double mat, This piece is also offered as an Open Edition print...check my Portfolio for availability of the Original and prices.

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Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Nice perspective Marsha ("table eye" view). Interesting to see how the cards' straight edges bring out the roundness in the chips.

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks Sheon, this was a fun piece to draw.

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