Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...Are you a dreamer or a doer?

...Major League Dreams...
carbon and graphite pencil on paper, 7x9
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As a young woman I was so involved in my family and everyday life that I didn't think much about the future. As I look back to day, any goals that I may have had were rather immediate and frivolous. I can't help but think, what a shame...but I also believe this is the "curse" of youth.

Today, I look at life much differently. Now that I'm older and in the latter years of my life, I have long term goals. Isn't that would think that one would make long term goals in ones younger years when there was more time to achieve them!!

Why do some succeed while others fail. You can either sit around and dream about what you want to do with your life or do something about it. Just because I'm older doesn't mean that I can't have long term goals. I wrote a series of articles a while back called It's The Journey That Defines You, I absolutely believe this statement. Whether in your relationships or your is how you plan and your ability to adapt to change that produces success.

Dreamers are just that "dreamers". They talk a lot, rarely take action, and if they do they're usually not on solid ground...meaning lack of research and unreasonable expectations.

I don't mean to indicate that you can't have big dreams. But I will say this, if you never take action they will always be...just dreams. And if you don't break them down into smaller short term steps and do the research, they will most likely never become a reality.

Be a Doer...Set reasonable goals, do the research, be willing to alter your direction a little if need be to assure success. Write your goals down and look at them often. Make a plan. If you get off track, get back on...and stop beating yourself up for small failures. As a "doer" you will make mistakes, it's just part of the process...learn from it and go forward.

Can a Dreamer be a Doer? Absolutely...The young man standing on third base (in the drawing above) is dreaming about becoming a Major League Baseball Player. Will he achieve his dream? I don't know. But I do know that it's possible.

Dreaming is the nourishment that feeds your goals! I didn't say "don't dream", I said dream accountable for the results.

So I ask: Are you a dreamer or a doer? Do you set goals? What advise to you have for other on achieving success? How do you deal with failure?
The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...what you say blesses others.

Have a blessed weekend...I have the next few weekend off, no art fairs. I'm enjoying the nice weather and catching up on things neglected in my absence. The weather is beautiful and my yard is calling! Will write more later.


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Sharon said...

I dream a lot, but sometimes I snap out of it and actually DO something...

Marsha Robinett said...

You know Sharon, I think we all do (dream a lot). I just know that now that I'm older, I'm a little more practical about it! Making wiser decisions about when "to jump in" and when to consider it "wishful thinking".

When I was younger I considered "failure" a I know failure is just another word for learning.

Jeanette said...


I am awarding you the Brilliant Weblog Award. If you would like to accept it just pop over to my blog.

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