Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...I am so blessed.

This drawing is called "Sacraments"
The reference photo was taken at my niece's wedding.

As I went to bed last night I kept hearing the words "I am so blessed"...even throughout the night I remember the words creeping into my dreams. When I awoke I found myself speaking it audibly.

I've always for the most part been a self motivated creative mind always on the go. I believe in God, read the Word, and pray...but I'm at fault sometimes when it comes to being quiet and listening to what He says. I tend to forge ahead on my own.

Over my morning coffee I began to think about the many ways I've been blessed instead of the things that "appear" to be problems and came to realize that many of the issues of the past that were sooooo big at the time actually turned out to be blessings.

It's been six years now since I started drawing again. It has not been without it's struggles...the main one being, "have I made the right decision or am I just wasting time and money?" God has placed people and opportunities in my path throughout my journey...saying "yes" this is the path you should take.

I'm going to be 63 this next April. Will I become a famous artist, it's doubtful? My goal was small...I just wanted to supplement my SS in my retirement years doing something I enjoyed.

I'm beginning to get a more regular flow of commissions as a result of the exposure I've had from my website and blog, and from the Art Fairs I've been doing now for four years. And, most recently an opportunity has come for a part time position related to the experience I've obtained by developing my web presence. (I'll tell you more if it materializes.)

I could go on and on here, listing the many blessings that were shown to me as I slept and again over my morning coffee....But instead I want to encourage you. Struggles make you strong, struggles grow you as a person, struggles produce the blessing.

So I ask: Are you blessed? Are you struggling? Have you taken time lately to sit quietly and listen for the answers to your prayer?
The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...what you say blesses others.

Have a blessed weekend...I have the this weekend and next weekend home, lots to catch up on. It's raining here this morning making everything so clean and fresh...guess I'll try to work inside...(housework, don't you just love it!!)


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Karen Hargett said...

Marsha what a blessing I have received reading your post.

I go to bed at night thanking the Lord for my day - no matter how good or bad it was. I too sometimes don't hear that Voice as clearly as I should sometimes. Things would certainly be easier if I had paid attention the first time instead of having to repeat lessons but in even repeating those lessons there are blessings to be found too.

I'm anxious to hear about your possible new endeavor - I hope it works out for you.

Thanks for reminding me of the small blessings we receive every day and to especially take time to acknowledge them.

Christine said...

Marsha,thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing your wonderful art here. I have put your blog in my blog roll and started reading it faithfully every time you post. It is one of the blogs I go to first. Your art is inspiring me and your writings are always so informative. Thanks so much for that!
As to your questions, without a doubt there are struggles every day, but I feel very blessed to be able to have found what I love to do. The sitting quiet and listening part I need to work on more for sure.
I am looking forward to hearing about your new opportunity and what you'll be working on next.

Jean Corbett said...

Marsha - thanks for your continued inspiration! You have certainly been gifted with talent. I have found a great way to share my faith through art. I have spend the better part of the past year painting watercolors for use by an adoption agency and a missionary group in the Sudan. Please visit my site at and view "God's Gallery".

Anonymous said...

Hello Marsha

What a great message about us blessed individuals.
I have just a few years on you. I pinched myself each morning and say to myself, " I am truly blessed".

I have managed to pay the bills by being self employed since 1973. Sometimes I have no work for weeks at a time, or I put in around 70 hrs. of deadlines. Now that my career of deadlines is over, I paint, teach, travel to new locations for workshops etc. I just spent four days up North in Ontario fishing, canoing and camping.
As usual, like art shows the weather got touchy. The skies became fantastic with extreme darks and green glowing trees, absolutely beautiful to behold.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be at church, whispering Thanks.

William from Georgetown ON Canada

Marsha Robinett said...

Did you ever wonder just how old we have to get before we learn to slow down and listen to the quiet calming voice of the Lord?

I will certainly up-date everyone on this new opportunity He has placed before me as I know more.

Thanks so much for your comments and I am honored to be such an inspiration.

As we sit and write in out blogs, we never know who that day will be effected by what we say. The response of my readers are what keeps me going. And yes, as I said to would think that as adults we would learn the value of "sitting quietly and listening" instead of forging ahead. Bless You.

I took a look at your site...wonderful work, what an inspiration. I dabble in water color but nothing I would display. You could say "I'm a watercolor want-a-be". You are indeed an accomplished painter. The portraits in "God's Gallery" are sensitive and compelling. Your composition is perfect.

(this was sent via email) Thanks for allowing me to post this note. I know others will find your story inspiring. Just to know that there is a future doing what we love in our retirement years is encouraging.

My you be blessed you as you move forward.

Lisa Ullrich said...

Marsha, I just have to tell you how much I love your blog and your art..they are truly wonderful.

I have had my share of struggles throughout my life (and I am only 32), but even though at the time they are the worst things ever, when I finally get through them, I am relieved. I would have rather gone through the struggles then to have lived with them forever.

After all that I have been through, I know that I can deal with anything that gets thrown into my path.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha,

This is about the 5 Th time getting this blog thing figured out, it just might work. A good topic for all of us to be mindful of, all our blessings. As a retired fellow and now working on watercolor and oil painting that keeps me very busy. Trying to learn as much as I can stretches me and is very good. I have loved to do art since I was a small boy and I am now doing the art that is so challenging. I was in an art show in May and had some sales so that was a blessing, a small but happy beginning--it's all a process and thinking I can master sales without working really hard is foolish to think. Your pencil sketches are really great and show me the amount of work ahead using color to even approach that level. Enjoy your time off the art circuit and keep sketching-best to you--Jimmy Springett

Beth said...

I enjoy reading your blog and this one really spoke to me. Thank you for reminding me to be quiet and listen. I needed that.

Marsha Robinett said...

Making it through our struggles is what it is all about. God didn't say He would remove or prevent our struggles...He said he would be with us as we go through.

I'm so glad you have enjoyed my art and my blog. Drawing and painting brings a peace into my life...and
it is especially rewarding when others enjoy it as well.

Congratulations...your first post has arrived!

This computer and internet stuff can really be a challenge for people our age!! Don't you feel accomplished when get it figured out.

I have another weekend home before my next art was a much needed break.

Day to Day life is so pack full anymore that slowing down long enough to listen is often pushed to the side. Writing this has helped me to again allow time each day for quiet meditation...where I do nothing but sit in silence.

Thank you for sharing.

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