Monday, July 21, 2008

Abby, asleep on daddy's shoulder...charcoal and graphite

...Abby, asleep on daddy's shoulder...
charcoal and graphite on fine art paper...10x13,
double matted, prints available

The Story Behind the Image: Every summer my church has a "tent service" one evening during the county fair. It was very warm as usual during that time of year and Abby had spent the afternoon enjoying the fair with her daddy. The music was playing and people were singing...I looked over and Abby was sound asleep in her daddy's arms. There was such a trusting peace about the expression on her face and the way she kept snuggling into her daddy's neck. The perfect photo op.

I was just beginning to draw again when I did this portrait. It took several attempts before I captured Abby the way I wanted. I used charcoal and graphite for this drawing...applying charcoal directly to the paper for the darkest areas. The softer shadows were applied with various blenders. The hair ornament was re-created using an electric eraser. I then went back in with charcoal to define the twisted yarns (I was never really satisfied with this first attempt at using an electric eraser...but once done it was done!). Graphite was used to develop the soft shadows on Abby's face and her daddy's shirt.

This portrait has always been a favorite of mine, there is just something special about the relationship a little girl has with her daddy. It brings to mind more secure uncomplicated times.

The drawing, Abby, asleep on daddy's shoulder, is on cream toned fine art paper and presented in a double mat. It is also offered in Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs...check my Portfolio for availability of the Original and prices.

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"Abby, asleep on daddy's shoulder"
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