Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Baby...carbon pencil

...My Baby...
This is another of my first drawings.

carbon pencil on paper, double matted,
prints available

The Story Behind the Image: I was at the park when I saw this young woman and her new puppy. I watched from a distance while they played, then she picked the puppy up and carried it on her shoulder like a "baby". She would hold it down in her arms , talking to it and giving kisses...then put it back up on her shoulder again. The puppy was a large breed, with a reddish color to it's coat...perhaps a Golden or an Irish Setter. I watched them for a long time, taking lots of photos using a telephoto lens.

She got into her car and left before I could get her name of the name of her "baby". She has no idea this drawing even exists. I was really disappointed as I had some great shots of her kissing her puppy that couldn't be used without a release. I've thought of them often. It was a very touching moment, witnessing the love between this young women and her puppy.

The drawing "My Baby" is on cream toned fine art paper, presented in a double mat and also offered in two sizes of Open Edition Prints...check my Portfolio for availability of the Original and prices.

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Susan Carlin said...

Hi Marsha- I'd bookmarked your site so I could come back and ask if you might let me know how to add the RSS subscription link to my blog, and then fell madly in love with your new carbon pencil drawing, "My Baby". I'm an artist who appreciates exquisite detail. Add that to your subject matter and I'm a goner. Thank you for posting that.
Of course, if you would steer me in the right direction about the RSS icon and subscription info, I'd be ever grateful, too. Thank you!

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