Monday, April 28, 2008

May 1st is RSS Awarness Day...are you ready

I know as artists it's hard to get our heads around some of this technical stuff...but you need to understand the importance of RSS to you, to your collectors and your (potential collectors).

Sure your collectors can bookmark your site and you can HOPE they remember to go back and check for updates or they can (if you offer it) subscribe by email. I for one, don't want anymore stuff going into my "inbox", so I'm one of those you would loose.

RSS groups new updates from the sites I've chosen to a file in my feed reader as they happen. I sit down with my morning coffee, open my reader, and settle in to see what everyone has been doing. I don't have to check my email and weed out the good stuff from the SPAM MAIL...I don't have to go to my favorites and click on your site.

The other thing nice about RSS is that it is don't know if I'm "watching you or not"...this makes me a little like Santa Clause, so you had better be good!

I like reading the blogs of artists who's work's a personal connection. Your collectors feel the same way and they may especially like being anonymous. You can make it difficult or you can make it easy by giving them choices.

It's like this, when I do Art Fairs I offer (in addition to the Originals and Prints seen on my website) a few smaller, lower priced open edition items ($5-25). If you walk into my tent and like my work there is something there in your price range...I make it easy for the customer to take home my work. RSS does the same think for your website and blog.

Offering RSS will boost the traffic to your site. Tell your readers about RSS and how to use it...if you're not comfortable explaining this technical can provide links to others who explain it well.

If you are still unsure about RSS, you might want to read...Feed Know How...for the Feed frazzled, an article I wrote in March. This article explains what RSS is, why it's important, and how to set it up on your computer. (You may re-publish, "Feed Know How...for the Feed frazzled", on your site...just let me know and be sure to include a link to my blog.)

If you need even more assurance of the importance of RSS to you as an artist...Clint Watson of Fine Art Studio Online wrote a great article about how to "Feed your Artwork to Your Friends with RSS".

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Feed Know How...for the Feed frazzled
Feed your Artwork to Your Friends with RSS

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Parrish70 said...

Hi Marsha,

I love RSS! It has made my viewing of my favorite websites and blogs so easy! (like yours for example)I even mark the Etsy stores that I like so I know when they add new products, that can get dangerous. =) I have read your links and still can't find the answer to my question... I am wondering if you know how to tell how many people are subscribing to your website?
Thank you,

Marsha Robinett said...

I use Google it could be different with other RSS readers.

If you open Google Reader and look in the upper right corner, just below the words "List View" you will see the words "Show Details" on this when you are viewing and it will tell you how many subscribers that person has. (interesting information)

To know how many you have you need to subscribe to yourself. I do this anyway so I know what my post looks like to others.

Hope this helps.

Parrish70 said...

Very helpful! Thank you. =)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Marsha, so May 1st is RSS Awareness Day. Well, after spending more time than I would like to admit on the computer this past Monday night, I am happy to report that I am ready! Thanks Marsha for all the info in your posts. Much appreciated!!

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