Monday, April 7, 2008

Commissioned Portrait...Inga

...Inga Perdita...
Carbon and Graphite on Cream Tone Paper
Commissioned Portrait
Inga, age 2, was all dressed up as "Tinkerbell" at her sisters costume birthday party. Grandma captured this moment as Inga purposely avoided her request for a smile.

As we talked more about Inga, I learned she had a quiet, spunky, independent, and sometimes wary nature. The portrait of Inga was just part of
Grandma's Special Present her children received that year for Christmas.

The finished portrait reflects Inga's personality perfectly. You can almost hear an audible 'no' in response to grandma's request for a smile. You can actually feel the moment.

The Story Behind The Image..."Tinkerbell's" wings were a bit of a challenge. I used graphite to give them a translucent appearance and some shine. I also used a little graphite on her cheek and forehead to pull them forward. Carbon pencil was used for the rest of the drawing and applied with various blenders except in the darkest areas where I applied 6B carbon directly to the drawing paper.

I'm Booking Commissions Now...for later this year (October-December) and the first part of 2009 (January-March). I do my commission work in the fall and winter months, heading out to exhibit at Art Fairs during the spring and summer months.

I only have time for 8-10 Commissioned Pieces each year and I'm generally booked by the end of summer. You can learn more about the commission process at this link. The process isn't difficult but it does take time. After all, we're creating an heirloom that will be passed down through generations to come. If this is something you want, together we can make it happen.

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Cindy said...

A gorgeous portrait of this little girl....I've loved it since I first saw it. The wings add such a sweet element.

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