Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...Tell Your Story

Commissioned Portrait

It's so easy as we look at other blogs and websites to become discouraged by what we perceive as our competition when in fact the only competition is ourselves.

When discouragement raises it's ugly head you need to "set yourself down for a good talking to". You are a unique, one of a kind creation. Each piece of art you create is just as unique as you.

Learning from others is a good thing and giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes while you develop your own style is also a good thing. In the beginning I through away the pieces that didn't meet my standards. I now keep EVERYTHING. When I'm having a bad studio day and think I'm not progressing, I pull out these rejects and immediately see how far I've come!

Your Style and Your Story is what will set you apart from all the others. Art stimulates the "emotions" of the viewer. TELL YOUR about not only how you created the piece but why you created it. Let your customers know WHAT INSPIRES YOU.

If you find talking about your work difficult...start by writing about it. From the beginning, I've included The Story Behind The Image with each new piece that I post on my website or my blogs. I also include it on my Certificate of Authenticity. The format is casual...telling a little about what inspiration was, the method, and materials used.

Let your story be a little personal, it's OK. There is no one else like you in the world and it's just as important to sell your story as it is to sell your art...after all your art is an expression of your inner self.

So I ask: Do you get discouraged with your progress as an artist? Is talking about your art difficult? What is your story?
The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

I've always admired with envy those of you who have a degree or are associated with large well known galleries. Will I ever have a Will I ever be associated with a large well known gallery...possibly.

My story is a simple one...My talent is God's gift.



Website ...Marsha Robinett Fine Art
My Squidoo ...Drawing Techniques
The Story Behind the Image

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S.G. Chipman said...

Wonderful portrait, Marsha!

I hold onto *all* of my old work as well and display it in reverse chronological order on my gallery page so that I and the folks that visit can have an historical perspective on my growth as an artist.

Because of this, I am able to look at what I was producing a year or more ago and compare it to what I am doing now; and even if I'm feeling like the piece I'm currently struggling with is utter garbage, looking at what used to pass for my best work makes me feel a whole lot better about what I'm doing today.

Rose Welty said...

Marsha, beautiful portrait and beautiful words too. You are very right about not stressing over style. And it is very true that looking back at past work is very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

I am so very thankful to barbara, my friend and art teacher, who emailed me your web site. Her art is inspiring, and I hope to make her proud of my improvement. I am 65 years old, and have pencil sketched as long as I can remember. Seeing your beautiful work is thrilling. I have just joined the Extraordinary pencil, and look forward to learning more about your work Marsha. I can't wait to pick up my pencils, find a quiet corner and practice. Barbara paints, and quips "Keep your brushes wet". I see you "keep your pencils sharpened". I have a long road to go, and I can't wait to start my journey. Linda Davis

Linda Davis said...

Hello again Marsha. I just sent a post that I sent anonymous because I didn't have an identity or blog account. I am so computer challenged, I really don't know what open id or name url stands for. If you choose to post the blog that says keep your pencils sharped, please use my name if you wish. thank you for sharing your talent. linda davis

Andy said...

Hi Marsha, I'm a regular reader and great admirer of your art. I can't say I'm discouraged when I see other people doing amazing art, rather I'm inspired to do better if anything. I do tend to keep all my work, even if it doesn't work the subject might be good and one I could go back to and improve on. As for my own style, I haven't a clue what that is yet but hopefully that will emerge with time. Talking about my art is still difficult, if I do ever mention it I say something like "I draw and paint a bit" which is true but somehow lessens what I do...
Thanks for the thought provoking post, and the great art.
Best wishes, Andy.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post, thanks1

Cathy Gatland said...

This is good sound advice - I used to paint over work I didn't think was successful, and regret that now. I sometimes wonder if my style will ever completely emerge (my experiments and mistakes are out there for all the world to see!) - and I share with Andy the rather self-deprecating talk about what I do. I like your simple but true acknowledgement at the end.

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