Monday, October 20, 2008

Major League Dreams...carbon and charcoal

...Major League Dreams...
Charcoal and Carbon pencil on paper, 9x7
*This is the companion drawing for "Batting Practice".
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The Story Behind the Image: Major League Dreams was a gift for my ten year old grandson. As with most boys this age, he is an avid baseball fan and an aspiring major league player. I took this photo of him standing on third base, waiting for his opportunity to make the winning run for the game.

I really like the composition of this drawing...I used both charcoal and carbon pencil on the shoes in order to show the different tones and textures of the dark leather. The rest of the drawing is mainly carbon pencil. The socks have many, many, many, layers of carbon, blended with a chamois square and tissue.

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1 comment:

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I love your drawings. What a great gift for your grandson this one is.

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