Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midnight Rose...carbon and graphite

...Midnight Rose...
carbon and graphite pencil on paper, 7x7
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The Story Behind the Image: Have you ever looked into your rose garden on a warm summer night when there is a full moon. Take a look sometime, you'll find your roses dancing in the moonlight!

I thoroughly got into this drawing. I swear I could almost feel the velvety petals in my mind as I worked. I applied carbon directly to the paper in the deep creases of the petals, using a stump to blend towards the areas touched by the moonlight. I then applied graphite with a chamois square to the brightest highlights and used a 6B carbon pencil to fill in the background.

I'm proud to share an exurb from Matthew Merrighn's essay, "The Gray Rose". I sponsor a Literary Contest each year for Young Authors at our local High School ...and Matthew's essay won third place this year. The students must select one of my drawings as their subject and Matthew chose to write about "Midnight Rose". Read all winning entries.

The Gray Matthew Merrighn

"The gray Rose is most desired, not for it's beauty, but for it's uniqueness. The Gray Rose Will be immortalized for it's uncommon color. As time progresses, people will realize the greatness of the Gray Rose and in doing so the Gray Rose will become most desired. But only those who first recognized it's significance will have a Gray Rose of their own."
Click here to read Matthew's entire essay.

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"The Gray Rose" Matthew Merrighn


Jan Pope said...

This work is just exceptional. I'm always find your work so stunning and as an artist myself, I kept wondering what I found in your work that I loved so much. It's the use of the monochrome color palette, but yet the detail is extraordinary. And it resembles infrared photography, which I'm enamored with at the present time.

Peggy Fonseca said...
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Peggy Fonseca said...

This is so beautiful that it just made me swallow and exclaim: "Thank you God for this beautiful rose and for this wonderful talent". Thanks for sharing. As one who is a very very beginner in art, you are an inspiration for me.

Arti said...

Thats an extraordinary sketch,Martha and I know that You know that already:)Wow....I have to learn so much from you...Did you use just a 6B pencil for this almost black background? I can never achieve that!
This rose is alive and dancing...beautiful!

Marian Fortunati said...

Your work is amazing, Marsha!!

So glad you're able to share it on the blog!!

Marsha Robinett said...

Thank you all soooo much for the lovely comments about my drawing. Not much time to write as I need to finish packing for my trip to NY.

But, cant leave without letting you know how much your comments mean to me.

A special reply to answer your question, yes..I only used 6B carbon pencil for the background. I covered the paper solid with carbon then blended it in to cover any places I missed to make it a smooth seamless color.

There is nothing like my carbon pencils...just love them for producing smooth no shine velvety darks.

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