Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flying Out in the the Big Apple

Just a quick post here to let you know 'my new camera' and I are headed to NY to visit my daughter and grandson. I can hardly wait. I visited Christmas for Teddy's Barmitzvah ...but things were really hectic. There was very little time to just sit and enjoy each other.

This trip is just for pleasure. They live on Long Island, about 4 blocks from the can actually smell the water when you step outside. Wonderful. The weather doesn't sound great but who cares about the weather when you are in good company.

My daughter "the chef" is fixing me a 'live lobster' dinner for my birthday with my favorite desert "coconut cream pie"...can't you just taste it?

The first time she fixed fresh lobster I almost jumped out of my skin...I'm such a midwest country girl at heart. I didn't know you could buy them live and keep them in a box in the frig until time to cook them.

Tami set the box on the table...I didn't know what was in it. When the lobsters got warm, they began to move and the box was jumping around. For a moment I thought perhaps I had had too much Scotch!!!!

My, My, My....I really don't think it gets much better (a little 'good wine', fresh whole lobster, drawn butter, a loaf of hard bread, fresh roasted asparagus and coconut cream pie....all served up with the company of family)

The food alone is worth the trip!!

I will write more in a week or so and hopefully have some pictures to share.

Take care, I will miss everyone.


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