Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Chat Line...Blogger Issues

"Uncle Sam Wants You"...artist unknown

"Uncle Sam is going to want me...if I don' get my taxes done, and it wont be "to join the armed forces". Hmmm...Wonder if they would let me take my art supplies with me to the jail house?

No "studio time" this weekend, Drats.... I have a tax appointment on Monday and I have been a very bad girl this past year. I'm frantically getting my books in order. All my expenditures are in their little envelopes, but NOTHING is posted in the ledger!

I usually do this throughout the year but one missed month lead to another and see where I am now. I decided the best way to get it done was to make a "Tax Appointment". You see I work pretty good when threatened with a delivery date!

Now for my other problems...Are any of you experiencing problems with blogger? I've had multiple issues of late. ALL your comments for the past two weeks went to the 'comments moderation page'. Since I have my settings set to be notified by email....I thought NO ONE LOVED ME ANYMORE!!!

I only found them a last "hopeful' resort I checked the moderation page.

THEN...when writing this post, I find I cannot upload a photo.

I am really getting frustrated here. I went to blogger to see if others were having the same issues. Couldn't see any specifics...was a quick look. I will go back later.

THIS IS WHEN I HATE BLOGGER....there is NO ONE to contact and NO ONE to get answers from.

So I ask...Are any of you experiencing issues with your Google Blog? If so, how on earth do you resolve them? Have you considered switching to another provider such as Word Press or Type Pad?

The "Chat Line" is open... Remember...when you share, others are blessed. In this case, since I'm the one with the blogger will be blessing me!

I would really appreciate your input here...these issues with Blogger are so frustrating!


UPDATE: as you see, the image upload issue has been resolved, for lets see what happens to your comments this week...I'm still considering switching to something else.


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Gaylynn said...

I once had a problem in my early stages of blogging. I could not get logged onto my blog. I could get to dashboard but not my page. I had to go to every troubleshooting spot that blogger offered.
For someone new to the "tech" world I could have walked away and not tried to learn anymore. I am not sure how I fixed "it", but I do remember that it was not in the trouble shooting spot you would have thought it to be. I, too, was very frustrated by not having a person to contact and walk me through the problem.
I am still a light weight in this tech world so being frustrated when things do not work causes one to contemplated giving up or moving on.

Karen Hargett said...

I'm still working on my taxes and starting to get nervous with the deadline looming. I've about got them done but still . . .

On blogger - the only issue I have been having is I can't go back - the back arrow all of a sudden doesn't work any more - I hate that. I haven't ever contacted anyone so can't be of any help there - I just fuss when it happens.

LSaeta said...

Funny that you mention the back arrow issue. I started having this problem a few weeks ago. I only seem to have the problem with Internet Explorer ... so if I use Firefox the back arrow works. I can't figure out how to set up to get email notifications when I get comments on my blog. Even though I have clicked the box it still doesn't work. It is probably something I am doing wrong ...

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Marsha...
I hope you got your tax paperwork all done...
Thankfully I do checks etc on the computer so it's pretty much categorized already. I just print it up and give it to my husband's tax guy who does his business taxes and payroll etc. and voila... (after paying a bunch..)... Still better than trying to do it myself as far as I'm concerned.

I hate to answer the Blog question for fear that the blog fates will get me..... but so far so good.
Best to you... I know with all of your skills you'll figure it out.

I guess free services don't get fabulous service and quick responses like our wonderful FASO websites.

Helen Read said...

lately, I've had not troubles with blogger, but every once in awhile - something really weird happens! Hope you get it all worked out ... because I'm sure many of us don't want you to think you aren't loved and appreciated! :) And, your water color works are really great! Love your expression!

Marsha Robinett said...

Too Everyone,
Thanks for the comments...I hate to say it (seems a little self centered) but was good to hear that others have also had 'Google' performance issues.

I still have comments set to post automatically without my review first. I don't like this for two reasons...(one) I can't monitor what is posted until it is on the site...(two) I'm not notified when a comment is made.

This makes responding in a timely manner difficult.

I intend to change it back one of these days soon...just to see if the glitch has been fixed.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts...and yes, so good to know 'I am loved'.

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