Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Lincoln is done...perhaps?

...Mr. Lincoln...
12x22 carbon pencil on paper

It's been quiet here on my blog for a few days, but
lots has been happening in the background.

First off my camera and I are 'friends' again. If you missed my last couple of posts you need to know that it wouldn't release the memory card. Well the camera came through the 'emergency room' visit but the memory card is ka-poot!

Memory cards are not cheep but this was a smaller one and had been around a long time.

I finished the commissioned drawing of Mr. Lincoln. I will keep it sitting out to do some of the usual tweaking on know the little things that only an artist would notice.

When deciding on a reference photo to use I wanted something a little different...which in itself is hard when drawing such a well know person in history. I decided on this particular photo for several reasons.

Being from the state of Illinois I wanted to use a reference photo that was indicative of the period of time when he was living in my state and practicing law.

I also wanted the drawing to emulate his stature...which was tall and lanky.

Then, and perhaps most of all, I wanted his eyes and expression to tell the story of the weight he carried as he contemplated his presidency and the hope he had for his country's future.

I used several different photos for his facial expression...and am pleased with the results. This is a younger Lincoln than we are used to seeing. The main photo reference was taken in 1860, just prior to when he was nominated for president. Lincoln would have been around 51 years old.

I'm still working on the final little tweaks...not certain but may 'ruddy' his face just a little more. In all the reference photos I looked at his hair is bushier in back at the nape, actually showing more all around the back of his ear...just undecided here.

I'm to the point that what ever I add will have to stay...there will be no turning back.

Also...just so you know...the black line across his chest is the 'leather' cord for his glasses. It was worn in all the photos taken in this photo session. I included it as I also saw it in others...although now I view the line as distracting. Yet I 'think' I made the right decision. it is for your critique.


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Marian Fortunati said...

It's wonderful Marsha, as is all of your work.
The question of whether it is done or not..... will it ever be done?? That rests with you of course... To me it's terrific.

I am glad you explained the line as I was wondering.... Thought it might be a watch chain... but not... I knew it was there for a reason, but didn't know why.


Terry Krysak said...

This is so beautiful!!!!!
I think you captured the spirit of him in addition to a brilliant likeness of him.
Well Done

Jan Pope said...

This is just wonderful. You've inspired me to tackle more monotone, so to speak. I've bought some carbon pencils and intend on doing some work soon with them.

hbedrosian said...

Wonderful, Marsha! I love the long format, too.

Quilt Knit said...

It is wondeful! I think I would remove the line to the glasses. Unless, I could show a rim barely showing in the shirt. Just wonderful1


Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks to all for the wonderful compliments on Mr. Lincoln. I've laid it away again and will give it one final tweak in a couple of days. I need to be able to give it a fresh look...if it is out all the time it becomes familiar.

Sherrie...I know what you mean. But removing it could totally destroy the drawing. This is carbon does not go back to paper. I may try to subdue it or I may just leave it. I will let the people who commissioned the drawing look first before I get to carried away with a fix.

It was one of those things I hesitated about for some time...and then just did it. May have to live with it. It was part of his photo shoot on that day. Those familiar with Lincoln seem to know what it is.

I much appreciate everyone's input on this.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

And done very well....

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