Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Colors of Spring

...First Colors of Spring...
Watercolor on paper 7x10

Here is another look at my progress with watercolor. I actually took the photo last summer at a friends house with the idea of using it for a drawing. Every painting is a 'new' struggle. I'm still 'fiddling' too my fiddling, I'm loosing highlights. The background is a little darker and the leaves not quite as prominent as they show here. Yet, the colors of the tulips are fairly accurate...interesting.

I've always wanted to do really 'loose' watercolors...I think I'm stuck on the detail. When you figure I came from drawing, I guess it's only natural. So...I guess I'm going to quit fighting it and settle for the realistic style of watercolor you see here. Maybe I can loosen up later.

When walking in my own garden this week I noticed that my tulips were bursting through the ground. It always fascinates me...once they stick their heads up, it's like they grow in front of your eyes. My tulips aren't nearly this pretty. Possibly because my flower garden doesn't get the care it should.

My friend is a 'master gardener'...I just love visiting (with my camera) and sitting on the patio with a glass of wine. She doesn't even have mosquitoes! We have a deal...she provides the wine, the grill, and the 'extras'...and I bring the steak. Such a deal. We get together several times during the summer months. She is just as a good a cook as she is a gardener.

I'm open for critique...I look forward to your comments


Karen Hargett said...

Marsha the poppies are absolutely gorgeous! WOW - I'm so impressed. I wouldn't fret too much over being so realistic - not when this is the outcome.

I do know how you feel - but I also know for a fact it is hard to get over putting in the details. I've known people who have done it but I still go for the details by nature so I'm trying not to worry about it - I think it will come at some point - at least that is what I'm told.

Great painting. Keep up the good work.

hbedrosian said...

Beautiful composition and color!

Jan Pope said...

Just beautiful. I understand what you're saying about the watercolors. I'm a pencil artist too, and well, I don't "loose" is in our vocabulary. If it was, we wouldn't be pencil artists. I'm so ready for spring flowers.

Teresa Mallen said...

The colours in this piece are really lovely. I also love the movement and flow in the petals and the backgound grasses. Hey, leaning towards realism is quite all right as far as I am concerned. :-)

Terry Rafferty said...

Love the composition here, it feels very dynamic and alive.

Jennie Norris said...

Marsha, Your watercolors are amazing! I love this new one. Are your pencils jealous? I bet they are!!

Angela Finney said...

Looks gorgeous to me. As far as the "looseness" goes, it is much looser and more quickly done than one of your drawings, is it not? I think it is beautiful as is. But as in drawing, maybe you would get your highlights if you made some of the darks darker? Heres to your adding "a splash of color".

Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to be able to have that loose feel too. I've never thought of it being because I come from drawing. That makes sense. This is beautiful and soft. I can smell the tulips from here.

theresamillerwatercolors said...

I LOVE your tulips and their details!

Megha Chhatbar said...

This is loveeeeeellllllllllyyyyyyy.........I like the colors...Superb!! BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook

Marsha Robinett said...

Hey Everyone!
Soooooooo good to see these comments. For some reason I did not receive notification in my email that comments had been made on either of my last two posts.

I found these in the "Comment Moderation" page!!

I was beginning to feel like the first grader who's friends told her they didn't want to play with her anymore.

Still don't know what the issue is...I haven't changed any settings.

We will see what happens on today's post. At least now I know to go looking for comments. What an inconvenience though.

Thanks again for your thoughtful words and for not kicking me out of the group:)

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