Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unite Your E-Marketing Efforts

Alyson Stanfield's newsletter just begged to be shared this week and I can personally testify that her article "Unite your E-Marketing Efforts" is right on the mark! Linking to yourself works. Read, enjoy, and be sure to follow Alyson's link at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Unite Your E-Marketing Efforts

Got Web site? Check!
Got Blog? Check!
Got E-newsletter? Check!

Are they working for you? Are they driving people from your Web site to your blog and from your newsletter to your blog and Web site? Be sure you’re thinking of your e-marketing in total. Each element isn’t separate, but is part of a web--your network of strategic e-marketing.

You see me do this each week in this newsletter. I send people to my Web site through links about Classes & Events or within the body of the text. I send people to my Art Biz Blog with some sort of enticement at the end of the newsletter as well as a list of what they’ll find on the blog at the bottom of each issue. And it works. Mondays are by far the busiest day on my blog.

You can start to unite your e-marketing efforts by making sure your links are in order.

Link to your blog on every page of your Web site. (And don’t call it a journal. Call it a blog, which is what people will be looking for.)

Link to your Web site in a prominent place on your blog. But don’t stop there. Make sure you link to Web pages frequently (at least once a week) in your blog posts.

Link to both in your e-newsletter. You can make it a navigation link in your newsletter, but also insert links within your text to drive more traffic.

Put your blog and Web site links in your signature block, which is automatically attached to the end of every email you send out. (One of the resources I posted on the blog is about branding your email. Be sure to take a look at it.)

Add your blog feed to your Facebook profile. I’m a novice on Facebook and other social networking sites. I have so many requests and events that I don’t respond to and if yours is one of them, I apologize. I just haven’t figured it all out yet. BUT, I have figured out the blog feed thing. If I can do it, you can, too! (I import my blog as a Mini-Feed through the application called Notes. Edit your Import settings to add your blog.)

Know This . . .
Like everything else, e-marketing takes effort. In order to reap results, you must think of each component as a part of a comprehensive strategy.

Think About This . . .
In Are you doing all you can to cross promote your online presence?

Do This . . .
Unify your e-marketing. Copy the list above and go through your Web site, blog, e-newsletter, and email. Work through them one step at a time until you feel confident that you've boosted the probability of driving more people to your Web site and blog.

And to get you to my blog, I'm posting links to a bunch of other resources in today's entry on the Art Biz Blog (uniting this newsletter with the blog).

Copyright 2008 Alyson B. Stanfield. Alyson takes the mystery out of marketing your art and making more money as an artist. Visit to get articles just like this one delivered to your inbox.

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