Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leaving for New York!

I'm headed for New York in a couple of days for a much anticipated visit with my daughter and grandson. They live on Long Island...about three blocks from the water. When the wind is in the right direction I swear you can smell the ocean!

On my last visit in mid November the weather was really mild and we went to the beach and fed the seagulls...quite an experience. The seagulls are accustomed to being fed and if you stand still will actually take the bread from your hand. There are so many at times that it makes one think of the movie "The Birds"!

In the photo above you can see the seagulls swarming in to grab the bread that Teddy has in his hand. These are huge birds! The second photo shows you what they looked like to Teddy as they swarmed down to take the bread. It was a fun afternoon but not without its consequences.

We had parked close to the beach and you know the old saying "what goes in must come out"...well let me tell you it's true! Our car was covered with bird *^%#!

We have tickets to see "The Blue Man Group" this trip. Going to take a train into the city...always a treat for us country folk. We're going to have brunch and then see the play. I'll tell you more when I get back. (no birds this trip)

My daughter is a professional chef, so my other treat is always her wonderful clothes never fit quite as well going home!

I will be gone until around the 19th...wish me a good flight.

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