Saturday, December 22, 2007

Watercolor Books from My Library

Some of my Favorite Books on Watercolor:

This is no doubt my second love...I don't show any of my watercolors but my daughter has them hanging in her home. These are some of my favorite books on the shelf. Since you know me as a pencil artist, I am sure you expect to see books with watercolor paintings exhibiting lots of realistic detail...I think you will be quite surprised. Links provided for REVIEWS.

*These are good for the beginning watercolorist...
Drawing and Painting John Raynes
Watercolor Planning and Alan Oliver
Watercolor..Simple, Fast, and Mel Stabin

*Watercolor Books that I refer to again an again...
Painting People in Alex Powers
The Figure in Mel Stabin
Painting the Unposed Figure in Ballestar and Sanmiguel
Paint Watercolors Filled With Life and Arne Westerman
Making Color Jeanne Dobie
Interpreting the Figure in Don Andrews
Painting Watercolor Portraits That Jan Kunz
Transparent Watercolor Jim Kosvanec
Painting Watercolor Al Stine

*A Collection of Charles Reid's books on Watercolor...
Painting What You Charles Reid
The Natural Way to Charles Reid
Portrait Painting in Charles Reid
Painting Flowers in Charles Reid

I hope you have found the resources listed here helpful and informative.


Christy DeKoning said...

I thought I would add one of my favourite watercolor books: No More Wishy Washy Watercolor by M.M.Martin!

Thanks for the lovely critique on my Canna :-)

roderikmayne said...

You have all the same books that I do!

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