Thursday, November 1, 2007

Print of the Month...update

Rack'em Up
This is the new "large Open Edition"...11x13
Free Shipping!!
A savings of $8.50 for US customers,
or $13.50 for orders shipped overseas.

This offer is good until midnight November 30, 2007

and is now exclusive to my "Email Newsgroup"

I've been offering "The Print of the Month" for some time now...each month I would notify my email newsgroup of the current months offering and then post it on my website, making it available to everyone.

Starting in November the Print of the Month will be exclusive to my Email Newsgroup. Each month's newsletter will have a new print offering and as in the past you will be able to purchase it at a considerable savings. I may occasionally offer a Limited Edition, but for the most part the monthly print will be one of my new Open Editions. The "Print of the Month" will be available until the current month ends. I may even sometimes surprise you with a mid-month "tickler"...who knows.

I will still announce the current months print on my website, just to let them know what they are missing and encourage them to join the Newsletter Group...but those of you who are current members of my "Newsgroup" are the only ones who will be eligible to purchase.

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