Friday, November 2, 2007

New Additions to my Website

I have been hard at work since my last newsletter making some changes to my website. My art career has taken on a new life and I am really excited about the new direction that I am moving in. I have been preparing to approach galleries in some of the larger cities in my area, in hopes that they will carry some of my originals and possibly some of my Limited Editions and Artist Proofs. I still have to have slides made of some of my newer drawings, as they require you to jury in order to be accepted. Then I'm off to "peddle my wares". When you visit my site you will notice that there have been several changes made.

"About the Artist" has a new look...I have reorganized the information and eliminated some in order to hopefully make it easier to find what you are most interested in.

The "Commissions" category also has a new look... as with the some other areas, I have condensed and organized information in the hopes of making it more user friendly.

Under "About the Artwork", I have answered some of my most asked questions.
1. Open and Limited Editions...what is the difference?
2. What is an Artist Proof?
3. What is a Certificate of Authenticity?
4. What is a Remarque...will it increase the value of my print?

In my "Portfolio of Works," you will notice many changes also. After much thought I have closed out some of my Limited Editions. If you have purchased one of these closed out LE's...hang on to it. If I ever become another "Grandma Moses" it will be of great value! The premature closing of these editions make them a "very small and rare edition" indeed. Thus increasing their value. You will also notice that a few of my drawings are now offered in "Open Edition" prints....most are offered in two sizes.

**The "Regular Size OE" is similar in size to the original drawing.
**The "Large Size OE" is more in the 11x11 to 11x15 size range.

This Larger Open Edition has been the single most requested item by here it is, I hope you enjoy it. I am quite pleased with the quality and size of this new larger print. The price on both of the new Open Editions are considerably lower than my Limited Editions... making them more affordable for those of you who simply want to decorate your home. I do understand that not everyone is a collector!

I want to personally say thanks for all your support and encouragement as I've gone forward in this new career. You're simply the best.


PS...make a "Point" a comment.

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