Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Update:

The Show Season Ends...
I had a two day private showing of my work this past weekend in my home town...a nice way to finish my show season. It is always great to to come home for my last show. Everyone is glad to see me and anxious to hear how my art fairs went. It is more of a social time than a time to sell, however, I did book two commissions. I usually plan to work on a piece while I'm there...everyone seems to enjoy this, but I never get much actual drawing done. A special thanks to everyone who stopped in.

Off to New York: I am presently visiting my daughter and grandson in New York; I flew out on Monday and will be staying through Thanksgiving, flying back late the next week. I have been looking forward to this trip. My show season is long and I hate it that we see so little of each other. It is just hard having your children so far away. We are having a great time...going to celebrate Thanksgiving on Tuesday as my daughter, "the chef", has to work on the holiday.

When I return home I will be finishing my commissioned pieces for Christmas and after the holidays will start on some new works of my own. I have more ideas in my head than I will ever be able do get done...but excited none the less. Now that I am no longer traveling every weekend perhaps I can be more attentive to my blog. It has been neglected the last few months and I apologize for this.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support,

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