Saturday, May 9, 2009

"The Clubs"...carbon and graphite pencil

...The clubs...
ORIGINAL Carbon and Graphite Drawing on paper
9x7, double matted

Original Pencil Drawing
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This would make a great gift for Dad on "Fathers Day".

The Story Behind the Image: It was early evening and the mist was rolling into the low places on the course. Everyone was joking and adding up their final scores. The golf bag was just sitting there in the cart. The light reflecting from the club heads and the deep shadows caused by the late day sun were what caught my eye.

I was never very good at this sport, and tonight I was just along for the ride...but for those avid rain or shine golfers, this is drawing is for you.

I used carbon pencil for this drawing...concentrating on the "mood" of the scene. The angle of the setting sun produced wonderful shadows and the fog rolling in added a certain mystery to the drawing...all this and the reflections on the club heads themselves made for what I considered a very interesting setting. I used a piece of felt to create the smoky background and chamois to render the shadows and reflections on the club heads (used some graphite here).

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Tutorial...see the full progression of this drawing.



Marian Fortunati said...

Beautiful as always, Marsha!!

Hope you're feeling a bit better.

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks for the compliment on my drawing. I did it some time ago but thought I would put it up as an idea for Fathers Day.

Yes, I am feeling better...the recovery from Shingles has not been as quickly as I thought.

This certainly takes a lot out of you, making it difficult to work. I still tire quickly.

My get up and go is slowly returning...Praise the Lord.

Susan Carlin said...

Your work amazes me, Marsha. Meticulous with a POW factor that wows on both levels... Great design and an awareness of how best to portray your subject, and then exquisite artistry. I love visiting your blog!

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