Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...Thankful for the Small Things

The Photo to the left is of my booth set-up last year, and pretty much as it appears today. The Decatur Chamber of Commerce used it in their Visitors Guide...nice surprise!

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My last art fair of the season is this weekend
in Decatur, Illinois. The weather forecast is for SUNNY and cool...with a high in the upper 70's. NO RAIN. What a wonderful way to end the season.

I thought with the drop in sales and rain I've experienced at my last few shows I would be glad to see this show season end...but as usual it's always a little sad.

The life of an artist can be somewhat solitary...each season I meet new people and rekindle old relationships. This will be over now until next spring and I will miss it.

I am however, really anxious to get back to the drawing board. I don't have much time for my art during the show season...and I find myself craving the quiet time at my drawing board. I think for all artists, creating is therapeutic and I am ready for a little "therapy".

I'm thankful for small things. I took down in 3" of mud last Sunday. We had over 9" of rain in three days...with the bulk of it coming down Saturday night. Many tents collapsed under the weight of the water. I said I would report back...but you know what, I'm not going to dwell on it. It's kind of like having a baby...once it's over, you forget the pain!!

I took a chance, knowing I would be setting up again this weekend, and did not lay my tent out to dry. It was so wet...I would have had to set it up again in the back yard. It continued to rain here through Tuesday. I've kept it in air conditioning (extra cool), with the hope that it's true that mold grows in WARM, dark, damp, conditions. I set up again tomorrow afternoon, so I will let you know if the air conditioning worked.

I'm just thankful that these last two shows weren't reversed. With the WONDERFUL weather forecast for the weekend, my tent should dry out nicely and be ready to put away for the season. You see there are blessings to be had...even in the middle of a mess.

So I ask: When every day life eats away at your studio time do you, like me, feel a little depressed? How do you handle these interruptions and how do you get back on track? My art is definitely my about you?
The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

As I said, I will be in Decatur, Ill. this weekend. The weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL. If you live in the area, come see me, I would love to meet you in person.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha,
I think your approach to creating and selling art is pretty neat--you keep your creating activities separate from the selling activities--thus you know how to focus your energy and concentrate on each area and when the time comes when the shows stop the art starts back up in your studio. An ebb and flow is important--as an example of how my year went I painted did shows painted did shows but much energy was lost in my creation with shows interrupting my painting--then It's really hard to get in gear and start to paint in that sweet spot. If I'm ever to be more successful in my art career these are important lessons and planning for shows that are worth my effort is important too. I did some shows that did not work at all the people were not the type to buy art period--what another big lesson but all the lessons some day may make for a wiser artist--go to shows that have known potential even if I have to travel. Another lesson learned this year was when working with mentoring artist the key is to use what might help and if the rest doesn't fit don't use it or in my case when i did try using was not me it did not work at all and I came back full circle to what I do the very best, what makes my art great for me--creating my spirituality and harmony or well being. I wasted a lot of time doing things that were not me but I'm learning more about who I really am in the process. What is successful for one artist may in fact be just the opposite of what works for you--keep that in mind. So for the first 8 months of this year I was wandering in the wilderness, I was moving but in the wilderness, the art world not going too far--now for the remaining four months of this year I can get back to who I truly am and really start to enjoy my artistic process--now I'm going to create art that moves me and hopefully will speak to others--creating the link or connection that makes us all tick and know we're all connected--one beautiful body--with the Lord leading the way for me each day of my life. I'm grateful for my mother and father, my sister and for Marge my wife who has to listen to me sometimes when I was wondering in the wilderness. Sometimes only artist can relate to other artist as much as our close family try it is at best very difficult. At almost 62 years I'm just know learning my abc's better late than never,eh?For those of you just starting, keep in mind that your work, your art is special,God will help you express that wonder and love you have to share--those that love you will come, bless them all people, even those that wrinkle their noses at your work--let it pass away--love them anyway, for they do not know. You can never say however that they will not come to see your light--your love--give them time, add plenty of sunshine and keep painting and sketching. It's a grand show--God loves us all--peace to all of you artist near and far--God Bless--(I did not see Abe when he was done?)--best to you--many blessings--Jimmy

Dianne Mize said...

My sentiments exactly, Marsha. It's all in attitude, but that's true when things are going well. This is an excellent post.

Marsha Robinett said...

Diane and Jimmy,
Thanks for your lovely comments. Keeping the focus is always a challenge. There are so many distractions is just busy. If we don't take control it can run us down.

Working in segments seems to keep me in line...and increase my productivity.

The very best to you in your careers.

Blessings to you both.

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