Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...Changing my focus

"As you can see..."Mr. Lincoln" has not progressed since my last post.
It is now "Mr. Lincoln's" turn.

I'll be working on this commission in the next couple of weeks with the goal of finishing it by mid October."


Well, the art fair season has come to a close and if you read my last post you know it happened with a big HOORAH!!

I'm now moving on to other things. I hadn't consciously noticed my habit of "compartmentalizing" my activities until Jimmy Springett, one of my regular readers, point it out to me. I think I do this out of necessity, not necessarily to improve work flow. However this habit does keep me focused on the task at hand and increases the quality of the results for that particular activity.

When my art fair season starts there is very little time for drawing or painting. I find it difficult to create when on a constrained "time frame". My creative juices simply are not there. The time spent between art fairs is usually devoted to sending thank you notes to those who purchased at the last art fair, banking and book work, and preparing new prints and framed pieces for the next show.

I do however think about, plan, and take photos for works I want to do in the future. I may even sit in my chair at night and do some quick value sketches...testing different compositions. This way, when my art fairs are done (as they are now), I'm ready to change my focus, with new works ready for the final layout.

I'm also a marketing fanatic...constantly reading about what others are doing and figuring out ways to incorporate the best of the best into my own marketing plan...even dreaming up a few ideas on my own!

When at art fairs...I have to confess I'm checking out what the artist is offering, the price point, and how they are displaying their art as much as admiring what they do. Much can be gleaned from other business also. You don't have to look only at what other artists have done.

I find it fascinating to see what actually "moves" a person, whether it's moving them to purchase or simply getting them to sign up for my mailing list.

Sometimes I wish I could just shut my "art" mind off...focusing on and enjoying other things. It may happen for a short while, but the experience is always interrupted with "wow! that would make a great drawing" or "I bet that would be a good way to show my work".

So I ask: Do you "compartmentalize" your work flow? What methods do you use to increase your focus? Do you have trouble shutting off your "art mind"?
The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

I'm taking today's a simply beautiful fall day here, sunshiny and crisp. The park is calling me. And...yes, my "art mind", my camera, and pad with pencil are going too! After considering this, I decided they are simply apart of who I am and I'm at peace with this part of me. After all "I am an Artist".



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Marian Fortunati said...

I does seem like that's all people are talking about. Hopefully it isn't a self fulfilling prophecy. It's bad but we're making it worse by dwelling on the bad.
I agree with you and so many other artists and bloggers I've been reading about.
Keep on plugging. Persevere. Just do it. ... at a minimum you'll enjoy the process.

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks for your observations Marian and I agree it's important to 'enjoy the process'.

Helen Read said...

Hi Marsha, I find it is a constant struggle too. My "compartmentalizing" isn't as much as you've described it ... but, I am a high school art teacher - so, I'm doing that all day (along with all the non-teaching things one must do as a teacher), and then home to the duties of a mom.... and somehow create art and figure out the marketing and looking for new venues.
In the summer, I love the freedom of time for that - in the school year, my commitment to "painting everyday" is essential (I paint everyday in the summer too!). That has helped me stay focused in a way that nothing else has! It also helps to stay focused by reading blogs (such as yours) and taking strength from other artists! Thanks for your great blog (and great work!)

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