Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pencil Shavings...carbon pencil

...Pencil Shavings...
carbon pencil on paper, 6x7, prints available
double mat.

The Story Behind the Image: This drawing was developed as the signature piece for my blog. I felt not only was the pencil significant to the form of art that I produce, but also significant as a tool used for writing.

The Random House Dictionary defines shavings as.."the part left behind or the part that remains after the greater part is removed."

The drawing "Pencil Shavings" represents the little parts of ourselves left behind whenever we interact with others. Be it negative or positive...we are molded by these interactions and enriched by what we receive.

As for the "point"...well, we are always making a point to someone about something; in the way we dress, in how we interact with others, with the things we speak and write, and yes even with our art.

You ask "What is my point"? You are what makes my blog work. It's not just "my drawings" and my articles that people come back to see...they also return to read "your comments"! The sharing of opinions and information is what blogging is all about. Without your input, my blog becomes simply a collection of my thoughts. So, why not....Make a "Point" by leaving a comment?

The drawing "Pencil Shavings" is on cream toned fine art paper and presented in a double mat. It is offered in Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs...check my Portfolio for availability of the Original and prices.

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PS...make a "Point"...leave a comment

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JAN said...

wow superb art

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