Monday, February 16, 2009

Ahhh!...for a roll of film.

Carbon and Graphite on paper

My camera won't release the memory card...URGH *^%$(*
I spent most of the past weekend working on Mr. Lincoln. Took lots of WIP photos and planned on posting them this evening with an explanation of the process.

You Got It...they are still on the memory card and the memory card is still in the camera. I took all the usual steps to remove it...and have to admit my mind began to wonder. Being a hairdresser I found myself looking for a 'hairpin'. Thinking better of my inclination to 'dig into the problem'. My camera sits here, in full view and in full possession of the memory card...taunting me.

I hope to get out of town this week sometime to a camera shop for some assistance...a good choice I think. (much better than a hairpin) Until then, I believe the camera is going to be put into a drawer so I don't have to look at it.

Yes, I know, I could download directly to the computer...but never down load photos in this way and can't find the cord.

Just not a good evening. I hate it when this technical stuff whips me.

On a positive note. I did make good progress on Mr fact could have it finished by the end of next weekend except for the usual tweaking. Hopefully by then you will also have some photos to look at.

A Parting Thought: What ever happened to the lonely roll of film?

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Janelle Goodwin said...

Your roll of film is stunningly beautiful. Wow. I can understand your frustration with the camera. I usually have a technology glitch about three times a week with something. Always have and always will.

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks, it's consoling to know others are also hit by the technology blitz.

My camera is still in the drawer (out of my site)...hope to take it to the 'camera mechanic' today.

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