Friday, January 2, 2009

Weekend Chat Line...My suitcase is still packed

Teddy's poster for his Bar Mitzvah

The last time I posted on my blog I told you my suitcase was laying out, ready to be packed for my trip to New York to visit my daughter and grandson. Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I've been back since December 30 and it's still packed...or at least partially.

No, I'm not planning another trip soon. It's just one of those things, I took out the necessities, laid it in the corner of the bedroom and there it remained. Taking care of this is on the top of my to do list for this weekend!

My travel was delayed flights and wonderful weather. I was really concerned as we had bad ice storms here in central Illinois the three days prior to my leaving. Several of my salon clients were unable to make it in for their Christmas hair appointments. I felt really bad but there was nothing I could do.

The visit was quite hectic...not much down time or 'private' time with my daughter and grandson. There were many out of town guests in and out all weekend. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony was beautiful, and it was great meeting Teddy's extended family for the first time. He did such a wonderful job. I am so proud of him.

I arrived back home absolutely exhausted and went back to work the next day (new year's eve). The rest of the weekend was pretty much a waste. It consisted of going from the chair to the bed, paying a few bills, back to the couch, eating, back to the chair, look at the suitcase, take a nap....get the picture?

It definitely took a few days to recoup but I'm now ready to 'whip the world' and yes, get that suitcase off my bedroom floor!

I've been considering my personal and artistic goals for 2009...right now they are mostly in my head. I need to get them organized on paper. I try to be realistic but there are always a few of those lofty 'couldn't reach in a million years' type goals on my list. I will be sharing soon.

If you recall, Henry, my trusty computer of five years had his issues. Well, Henry's replacement is arriving this afternoon. I know many were wondering whether my new computer would be a boy or a girl. Alexis (my standard schnauzer) and I had a little talk and we both agreed that we needed a strong man in the we decided to name the new arrival Charles Edwin, after my Grandfather.

I will be updating you on how well Charles Edwin blends into the 'family'...and if we can get along!

So I ask...Have you recovered from the Holidays? Since I seem to be running a tad behind here...did you make any goals for the new year? Do you have a secret for sticking to your goals and resolutions?

The "Chat Line" is open... Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

It was so wonderful seeing my family again after such a long time apart. I can still feel the hugs and kisses...still hear the sweet conversations...and still feel their unconditional love.

It's great to go and it's always good to be back home in my own surroundings. There is just nothing like family. I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine.

PS..This is my 'vacation month' from blogging. I always take the month of January to regroup....clean up my computer files, my studio, and simply 'regroup' for the year ahead. See you in February with a new outlook, new ideas, and hopefully a new, fresh,energized outlook for 2009.


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marybullock2 said...

HI Marsha:
Sounds like you have a wonderful holiday! As for resolutions - I am going to try and be more organized with my art - by that I mean making sure that I schedule time to paint every day. So often my art gets pushed aside for the everyday things of life. So my daughter and I (we share a studio) have worked it out so I paint in the mornings and she paints in the afternoon. So far it has really worked well, we have produced more work in the last week, that we did the whole last month! Hopefully we can keep it up and not let little things creep in.

The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

Janelle Goodwin said...

Marsha, I hope Charles Edwin is living up to your expectations. I know how much I rely on my computer and it really does have it's own distinct personality! I'm glad your holidays were joyful.

Anonymous said...

Marsha--happy new year. Seeing your grandson's ceremony must be very heart warming, by the looks of his picture he sure is growing up really fast.Handsome looking young man, your daughter must be very proud of him, as well as the rest of your family.
You ask some good questions, recently my body has been acting like your old computer Henri but not so easy can't replace my body with a new one but that is a good thought.
Tonight Marge and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner at a local restaurant and on our way out, two young children were playing and waiting to join their mom and dad for dinner, they had the sweetest smiling faces. WE had a brief visit for a moment, then made our way home. That was my day's high point, children are the very best.
Looking out into 2009, wow that is pretty tough order, trying to set goals might not be my wisest use of time. Truth be told all my art career goals for 2008, only about one was met and that was to paint and that I did. I attended several art shows, set up a website which you know and have helped me, took several classes, a first, attended many art meetings, worked with other mentoring artist, and for my first year of painting I did have 2 paintings sell (2 out of about 60). That's about 1/30 which won't get me into the at world's big leagues whatever that is.
That has helped to shape my idea, for me, of what my art career is and what it is not at this moment in time.
At first I thought sign up for this marketing class or that one, as I pondered this realized my gift is simply to paint, share that with the public and let God do the rest--no goals this year only paint every day that is possible, and in this process I hope to learn more about this I am that I am, in other words who am I? Not what the world thinks of me, which means some closest to me may not really know me at all and others considered strangers may know me the best, it's a paradox isn't it?
Sorry to be so long winded, with such a simple question, sometimes no simple answers, God knows our paths and how he wants the show to run, in that case following his lead is my mantra. On that note have a great day, keep up the great work. happy sketching, Jimmy

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Happy New Year Marsha! Holidays were wonderful for me too with my son home from college for three weeks! He's off again, so not its back to the studio. Wishing you all the best for 2009. As for goals, I do have a few, but like you need to commit them to paper. I'm not as organized as I used to be and that feels fine at this time in my life. I'm much more willing to go with the flow, life happens as I make my plans....

Angela Finney said...

Glad you had a joyful, Christmas, Marsha. You describe your solitude and rest well. It is nice to know other people leave a suitcase unpacked for while, also.

I started a new partime job in the New Year, taking up precious art time, but I am still hopeful that I can get in a better routine. Change is hard, I guess.

I look forward to reading your new year goals, mine are still rambling in my head, I hope to commit them to paper and computer soon. Angela

Quilt Knit said...

I really enjoyed not having to travel in to work. Holidays make me sad. My job blocks out all Holidays for work. For years, I have had to work Holidays. Just in the last three years have they allowed us off on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. Keeping the days after blocked- and only seniority gets those days for you when they open up for floating Holiday only. I got my floating Holiday for Thanksgiving -- no way for after Christmas or New Year. Had a wonderful, Turkey and Ham, Great munchy Day for New Years.
Art Tips! Just organize Yours is all done for the most part -- all that wonderful work and new work on your wonderful website. I am trying to get there. I am drawing everyday. Probably silly, however, I have replaced some Old Friend books. I have sketchbooks started for some of my friends to get me on a better footing. I have some watercolor and good drawing paper. I am making my own sketchbooks from now on. Get a good calendar online. I have. I have my Goal Calendar, and it includes my book that is now 50 pages long and some rewrites.

I am almost finished with the painting of the big room and the galley kitchen. The color is calming so now is the time for the big Spring Cleaning. Throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Included in my art tips is organizing all my media. Watercolor here, CP there, Oils over here, Acrylics here, and all papers and sketchbooks in order. That is the most calming and productive steps I have taken. Along with a sketchbook that records all my work with photo and sketch and all media used- even naming the paper used.

Glad you had such a wonderful time.

P.S. stay away from Depression. Get up and do something. Take a walk with pencils and paper in hand and find your world even in the frozen temperatures: Boston, MA on the Coast.

Karen Hargett said...

Marsha - Where are you? Are you OK? We miss you!

Angela Finney said...

I hope you are alright, also, Marsha. Have begun to worry about how you are doing this last week or so. Angela

Jennie Norris said...

Marsha, it has been a while ...... Miss reading your posts! Where are you? Hope you're just too busy with tons of commissions?

Quite obviously you have some faithful followers who miss you! How blessed you are!

Marsha Robinett said...

Hey Guys...
I'm still here, alive and well. In the post script of this post I mentioned that I was taking the month of January off from blogging in order to regroup for 2009.

I've been hard at work here but have to say I am definitely suffering from "blog withdraw".

I will be back blogging regularly the first of Feb. It's so nice to know I've been missed.

Angela Finney said...

So sorry I missed that, or maybe forgot it as I checked back on your blog. Glad it has been productive for you. Look forward to seeing you back soon. Angela

Karen Hargett said...

I must have missed the PS Marsha but glad to hear you are doing OK. I'm sure you will have some greaat insights for us after taking the month off and regrouping - can't wait to have you back blogging.

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