Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Chat Line..."When life preempts art"

...Wine Country...

From me to you.
It's the 'holidays'...sit, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine.

In the art world the words 'Working Artist' indicates an artist who makes their living from their art. I've never heard a phrase that applies to the rest of us artists who work a regular job and have to carve out 'creative time' from their busy schedules of 'job' and 'family'.

I'm certain I'm not alone here...but many times my cherished 'creative time' just gets pushed by the wayside. The month of December has been a perfect example. The last drawing I did was the portrait for my grandson. Ever since then, LIFE has just bombarded me. As if preparing for my trip to New York for Christmas wasn't enough, if you read my last post you know 'my friend Henry' is being replaced and I've had issues with my fine art printer.

My printer has been replaced (under warranty) and my new computer has been ordered...a custom built model from Wibben Computers, a local business here in town. They have the most wonderful 'same day service' for business when there are problems. They consider me a business even though some days I question how true this really is!

I wouldn't really say loosing my creative time makes me grouchy...but it certainly brings feelings of 'absence' know, when something or someone you love is missing from your life. There is a real void. I almost feel lonely. It's hard to explain.

So I ask...During this time of the year do you find you have less time to work in your studio? If so, do you feel it effects your emotional health? Are you a 'working artist' or 'an artist who works'?

The "Chat Line" is open... Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

Things have been a little quiet here on my blog and will no doubt remain so until after the holidays. I'm counting the days until I leave for New York. I haven't hugged my daughter and grandson for over a year...and lots to do yet before I fly out on Christmas Day.

I still have prints to make and package, packing to do, gifts to buy, and of course there are those two other jobs I work at other than my art. You see...I am 'an artist who works'.


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Jeanette said...

I can identify with all you say Marsha. I'm an artist who works too and its difficult at any time of year to fit it all in, let alone at Christmas when there are other demands on us.

I do need my art 'fix' every day or I feel slightly uneasy. I need to at least do some sketching or drawing or a few swabs at a painting on the easel to get back into the 'calm' mindset.

I know your Christmas will be fabulous spent with your family. I'm envious. My daughters and grand daughter are far away and phone calls and webcams will have to suffice this year. But I will see them all in June!

Stephanie said...

As a Mom first, and an Artist second, I always have the problem of carving out time for art. Of course this time of year adds many more items to the To Do lists. Blessedly, I enjoy the time away from the studio because I get to be creative in the other ways I love: Decorating, Baking, Finding the perfect gift for each person, Wrapping it beautifully, and of course spending time with those you only see once or twice a year. And when I do get back to the easel after the kids go back to school, I'm overflowing with ideas and motivation. There's never enough time for art, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Christy DeKoning said...

Hi Marsha - I'm a little late in reading this. Something happened to the month of December...not sure where it went but I think I was supposed to be "not painting" lol...

So as a "working artist" I actually enjoy the time I take off from my studio, because it I need the refreshment. I did find that 2008 was a busy year end for me, and I didn't stop "officially" painting until the middle of December.

But even with art being my full-time job, I still find that life gets in the way and a whole day can go by that I didn't work on a project. I feel a little guilty when that happens.

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