Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Chat Line...Attitude Control

I could have slept in this morning...but my dog Alexis was bound and determined that it was time to get up. (It's 5:30 AM on a I really need to say more?) She is her happy morning self and I'm still looking forlornly at the bed!

It's been dark and dreary here in Illinois the last few days. They say the lack of sunlight effects one's disposition. I'm here to say I think it's true. I definitely woke up with 'attitude'. If this were my daughter as a young child I'd be saying "straighten up", I guess that is what I need to work on.

My attitude didn't start because of the weather, although I do feel it has contributed. After all, gotta blame something or someone....this ATTITUDE can't be all my fault!

I've simply been tired lately. I've allowed everyday life to steal my creative time in the studio and it makes me angry at my self. Even with my new evening job there is still time for the studio...I just need to learn how to be more protective of it and make an effort to use my time more effectively.

For me, my studio time is like an appointment with the therapist. When I sit down to paint or draw I begin a conversation with that piece of's a private conversation that is emotionally cleansing. I loose all thoughts of reality and time. Of late I've allowed (no one else) my studio time to be squandered.

The "time thief" has taken up residence and today I'm kicking him out! I miss my studio time, I've learned from this experience that my studio time contributes to both my mental and physical health..actually more than I ever realized. I said that I've been tired lately...I'm not physically tired, I'm emotionally tired because of the lack of 'therapeutic' time in my studio.

I've heard it said that "We are worn down less by the mountains we climb...than the pebbles in our shoes". I haven't had to climb any mountains lately but I have certainly "had pebbles in my shoes".

So I ask...Is there a "Time Thief" in your life? What is your secret for protecting your studio time? Do you feel depressed when days pass without creating your art?

The "Chat Line" is open...I look forward to your comments and please feel free to comment on what others have to say. Remember...when you share, others are blessed.

My Final Thoughts: From now on "studio time" will be a scheduled part of my week. I intend to protect and nurture this private time...letting some other things go if need be.


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Jennie Norris said...

I tried really hard to figure out why I had so much time when I was working full time AND going to school part time to get my degree. I couldn't wait to graduate so I would have more time. NOT! I seem to have way less time now.

I have given this a lot of thought and I realized that it was very important to me to give my very best while in college. I put off a lot of everyday tasks because "I had homework"

Now I have no excuse and feel guilty putting off those everyday tasks for "my art = myself". There is always something more important to do.

Lately I have been trying to look at my art as a part time job, which I HAVE to go to. Hopefully someday soon my art will be an extra source of income for me, so I need to look at it that way and not feel guilty about putting other things off.

Sometimes this is easier said than done . But, I am aware of it and working on it.

Thanks for another great post Marsha!

Angela Finney said...

Jennie -- I feel much the same way you do. Though I have just accepted a part time job -- and still hope to be productive with my art. Even not having a formal job has often found me spending more time on house chores and errands and really needing to set aside art time, or as you say Marsha, letting my time be stolen. It does take scheduling the time and also being vigilent about what can be let go in order to schedule it and to not let it be stolen once we have scheduled it.
I like you description of it being analogous to therapy, Marsha. We just have to remember we do need and most of all, we do deserve it!

Marsha Robinett said...

Thanks for your comments...I think what you said about considering your art as a part time job is perfect. I'm going to incorporate this into my strategy.

We have a dedication to our employer...we need the same dedication to ourselves and our art. Wonderfully stated.

As you said, it's easy to let the chores of everyday life preempt our studio time. I've certainly allowed this to happen lately and it affected my disposition. Like you, I intend to diligently protect my studio time in the future.

This too will take dedication.

My thanks to you both for your comments.

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