Friday, April 20, 2007

A "Point" to Consider

Pencil Shavings...

"The Results of Making a Point."
The drawing "Pencil Shavings" is a new work for 2007, and was created specifically as the signature piece for my blog.

We each make a the way we dress, in how we interact with others, with the things we speak and write, and yes, even with our art.

The Random House Dictionary defines "shavings" as..."the part left behind or the part that remains after the greater part is removed."

As we move through life, making our "point", we leave "shavings" of ourselves with each person with whom we interact. Be it negative or positive...we are molded by these interactions and enriched by what we receive.

So, you ask, "What is my point"? You are the reason for my writings and my art. You are what makes my blog work. It's not just "my drawings" and "my writings" that people come back to see...they also return to read "your comments". The sharing of opinions and information is what bloging is all about. Without your input, my blog becomes simply a collection of my thoughts.

This is just the beginning...I want my blog to be a fun, informative place to visit. My hope is that you will return often to see what new things have been added, view some of my latest drawings and learn what inspires me.

Right now I am feverishly preparing for my summer art fairs which begin the third week in May. At this late date, my focus is on finishing a couple of last minute drawings, getting everything framed and organized.

Take some time, browse my Website and my Blog,...come back in May to see alot more Art, the addition of some "Photography Tips", and to read the winning essays and poems of our "Young Authors".

Marsha Robinett

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Announcing the "First Annual Literary Contest"

The Extraordinary Pencil

"Sponsors High School Literary Contest"
High School students are ask to submit a Poem or Descriptive Essay...using one of my Pencil Drawings as their subject and inspiration. There are over forty drawings on my website now and as I finish my spring collection more will be added. The deadline for their entry is May 15, 2007. The contest will be presented to the students after Easter break. I would expect to be announcing winners on or before June 1. 2007.

There is $100 in prize money to be divided between the first, second, and third place winners. Their writings will be posted here on my blog with a short biography about the author.

My hopes are that through the writing process the student will develop a greater appreciation for fine art of all types, and learn to view an original drawing, a painting, or even a piece of sculpture with a questioning mind. Art always tells us a story. In fact I believe there are two stories to be told...the one that inspires the artist and the one that inspires the viewer.

I hope you will return to the "Young Authors" section of my blog often, and read "the story behind" the image that inspired their poems and essays.

PS...make a "Point"...leave a comment.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Email Newsletter Group... new membership gift

" Free Mini Print...$15.50 value"

Email Newsletter...New Membership Gift
Follow the instructions below to receive your free print.

What You Need To Do:
1. Click this link to join my Newsletter Group.
2. Choose your free "mini print" from the photos shown below.
3. Send me an email...letting me know your print choice and mailing information.

Choose Your Free Print:

Free Print Choices: from left to right

1. "Old Glory"
2. "Wine Country"
3. "Crab Apple Tea"
4. "Miss Mouse"
5. "Violin...serenade"

*Know This with Confidence:
Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.
Welcome to my Newsletter Group...You can expect to receive "The Extraordinary Pencil", my monthly newsletter, delivered to your "InBox" the first week of each month.

I promise to keep my newsletters fresh, informative, and exciting. You can expect content relevant to my art career...for example.

1. A peek into my life as an artist.
2. Reports on exhibits and gallery shows.
3. Changes in my website.
4. The latest in studio news.
5. Exclusive "Print of the Month" Offerings: available only to you.
  • Each month I showcase a different print. As a member of my Newsletter Group you will have the opportunity to purchase the "Print of the Month" at a special savings ...just my way of saying thanks for your encouragement and support.
Your free print will be sent to you by snail mail around the first of next month, following the receipt of your first monthly newsletter.

*Remember...I can't send your welcome gift without your mailing information.

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